About Us


Classic Theatre of Maryland is dedicated to the practice of Theatre as an art form.  Therefore, our guiding principles must be consistently aesthetic.  As artists, we create the theatre that we are individually and personally inspired to make.  CTM will engage the best quality and most experienced talent and strive to make each production better than the one before it.  It is our responsibility to our artistry and to our audience.  At CTM, we remain steadfastly committed to three core values:  Artistic Excellence, Artistic Integrity, and Freedom of Expression.


We believe in a guiding aesthetic authority who governs a rigorous rehearsal process to insure innovation, and respect for text in an unencumbered artistic exploration.  Our actors create grounded and authentic characterizations by exercising their gift for transformation.  Our designers bring the finest in detailed, dynamic production elements to enhance the pursuit of artistic excellence.


CTM artists are grateful for the opportunity to manifest their talents in dedicated and unfiltered reimagining of sophisticated texts from the varied genres and cultural traditions of the Western canon.  Our actors are encouraged to work outside their comfort zone, seek new skills and a deeper connection to the world of the text.  CTM is committed to an open collaboration within each cast, and an abiding truth in the aesthetic authority of the director.  Our focus is on plays and musicals which have stood the test of time.  We honor the beauty of their language, their capacity to entertain, and how they engender deeply human empathy with the universality of their themes and insights.


CTM’s mission is to produce bold, re-imagined, entertaining and accessible interpretations of classical works, contemporary plays, and musicals with a core commitment to the works of Shakespeare and other major dramatists. CTM is committed to promoting the highest level of artistic excellence, to cultivating the widest possible audience, and to contributing to the economic and cultural growth of our community, state, and region with the following experiences and programs:

Classic Theatre of Maryland enriches the human community through the revelation of beauty and the illumination of fundamental truths of human experience.


Classical Theatre of Maryland’s vision is to be the leading destination for world-class theatre in Maryland.